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Saint Nicolas

Marguerite (Chocolate Mousse) and Brioche Perdu

Marguerite (Chocolate Mousse) and Brioche Perdu

This is one of the best bakeries/patisseries I’ve ever been to in my life, and it’s all the way in Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan, sniff sniff. Oh Japan, you are full of so many mouth-watering foods. And they are so beautiful, like small pieces of art. How I miss you so.

Saint Nicolas – Patisserie Chocolaterie
10-26 Ogigaoka
Nonoichi, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
Map it!
Hours of Operation:
Every day except Tuesday, 10:00AM 〜 7:00PM
Tuesday, 10:00AM ~ 5:00PM
Closed Wednesdays and one Tuesday each month (check website)


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