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Porchetta Sandwich

Porchetta Sandwich

My sister and I raced to the Farmers Market in San Francisco about an hour before closing, eager to try the famed Porchetta Sandwich from RoliRoti. It was easy to spot amidst the sea of food stands, with the long line of people snaking towards the far end of the Ferry Building. One long line for one menu item. Looking for the rotisserie chicken that gives RoliRoti its name? Go ahead and walk right up to the cashier. It’s kind of like the B-line at Shake Shack.
While waiting, my stomach grumbled in anticipation as I overheard murmurings of “crispy skin”, “ask for more skin”, and “the caramelized onions are so good”. 15 minutes later, I finally rounded the corner and my eyes were treated to the delicious sight of herb-roasted pork loin wrapped in pork belly being cut into thick, juicy slices. I had been told by friends that the pork juices pooling on top of the cutting board are mopped up by the bread used to make the sandwiches, and though I didn’t see that in action, I like to believe that the bread composing our pre-boxed sandwiches had experienced this ritual.
The best parts for me were definitely the crispy skin and caramelized onions – they were the most flavorful components and had the best textures of the sandwich. The occasional dusting of sea salt hidden in the bed of arugula also helped to bring out all the flavors. Overall, a very satisfying mission accomplished!

(Mobile truck, changes location daily. Check website for schedule.)
San Francisco Farmers Market (Wed, Thur, Sat, as of June 2010)
One Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA 94111
Map it!
Hours of Operation:
Depends on location, check schedule online.


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