My name is Christine, and I love taking photos of food.  I am obsessed with it. For over 10 years, I’ve been documenting great food I’ve eaten, and when I look at the photos, I can recall where I was, whom I was with, and how the food tasted.  Sometimes, I am just in awe of how beautiful food can be. I’ve decided to share some of my favorites here. Each day I’ll post one photo of something I’ve eaten at a restaurant, shop, food stand, etc, along with as much information about the locale as I can recall or find, so that you may go and taste it for yourself. Enjoy!

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Update: I can’t seem to keep up with posting each day, as I had hoped, so I will post as often as I can!

Note: A couple people asked if I am eating all of this food every day. I wish, but no, I don’t that luxury or capacity! I’m culling all of these photos from the deep, dark depths of my many hard drives….